Friday, June 22, 2018

11/2/2013 - BOARDWALK HALL

 Atlantic City, NJ   

SET 1: Wilson > Rift, Ocelot, Water in the Sky > Sample in a Jar, Funky Bitch > 46 Days, Theme From the Bottom, Yarmouth Road > Limb By Limb, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove   

SET 2: Down with Disease[1] > Piper > Roggae > Waves > Tweezer > Julius > Backwards Down the Number Line > Character Zero   

ENCORE: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise   

[1] Lyric changed to "swinging on my bush." Unfinished.

This show was webcast via LivePhish. Prior to the start of the first set, Trey brought out a jack-o'-lantern with the Wilson logo carved into it and set it down before beginning Wilson. Theme contained a funk jam with quotes of the Theme from Shaft ("Who's the Chuck Norris-looking private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?"), and banter about Fish's least favorite and second-least favorite presidents ("Bush"), and favorite beer ("Busch"). DWD contained teases of Tears of a Clown and Fuego by Mike, lyrics changed to "swinging on my bush," and was unfinished. Trey teased the Odd Couple Theme in Tweezer and Page teased Rhapsody in Blue in Tweezer Reprise.


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