Saturday, June 30, 2018


 Saratoga Springs, NY   

Soundcheck: Funky Bitch [Unconfirmed and Possibly Incomplete]

SET 1: Brother, AC/DC Bag > Back on the Train, Undermind, Cities, Gotta Jibboo[1], Roggae, Sleep Again, Lawn Boy, Run Like an Antelope[2]   

SET 2: Carini > The Mango Song > Wilson, Drowned > Swept Away > Steep, Makisupa Policeman[3], Piper[4] > Also Sprach Zarathustra > You Enjoy Myself   

ENCORE: Frankenstein[5]   

[1] Tony Markellis on bass and Mike on a second guitar.
[2] "Mike-O Esquandolas" lyric; bass solo.
[3] Improvised verses by Trey that led to solos by Mike, then Fish, then Page.
[4] Intro contained phrases from the previous Makisupa.
[5] Page on keytar.

In what is becoming a Father's Day tradition (see 6/21/09), the show-opening Brother featured the band members' children jumping into a bathtub on stage, followed by Trey introducing each of them and wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day. Gotta Jibboo was preceded by a "Charge!" tease from Page and featured Tony Markellis on bass and Mike on a second guitar. In Antelope, "Marco Esquandolas" was changed to "Mike-O Esquandolas," followed by a Mike solo. The end of Wilson contained a Dixie tease from Trey. In place of a traditional Makisupa keyword, Trey improvised verses that set up solos for Mike, then Fish, then Page. The subsequent Piper intro included repeated phrases from the Makisupa ("Policeman," "House," and "Listen to Mike"). Trey quoted Whole Lotta Love in the vocal jam of YEM. Page performed Frankenstein on keytar.

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