Friday, June 29, 2018


  Saratoga Springs, NY   

SET 1: AC/DC Bag > My Soul, Camel Walk, Sample in a Jar, Wilson > Party Time, Gumbo, Nellie Kane, Driver, Foam, If I Could, Split Open and Melt > La Grange   

SET 2: Axilla > Light > Twist > Kill Devil Falls -> My Friend, My Friend[1] > Swept Away > Steep > Piper > Free > Kung > Harry Hood > Cavern > David Bowie   

ENCORE: You Enjoy Myself
[1] No "Myfe" ending.

La Grange was played for the first time since September 22, 1999 (301 shows). Twist contained a brief In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida tease from Trey, Kill Devil Falls included a Jeopardy! theme tease, and Hood contained a Kung quote. My Friend My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending. YEM contained a Flashlight tease from Mike and teases of the theme to Sanford and Son in the vocal jam.


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