Friday, June 22, 2018


 Watkins Glen, NY   

SET 1: Divided Sky, The Moma Dance > Mound, Army of One, Scabbard > Sample in a Jar, Tube, Halfway to the Moon, Camel Walk, How Many People Are You, When the Circus Comes, Undermind > Run Like an Antelope   

SET 2: Wolfman's Brother, Halley's Comet > 46 Days -> Backwards Down the Number Line > Tweezer > Prince Caspian   

SET 3: Meatstick > Blaze On -> Possum > Cities -> Mind Left Body Jam > Cities > Light > 555, Wading in the Velvet Sea > Walls of the Cave   

ENCORE: Boogie On Reggae Woman > Tweezer Reprise   

SET 4: Drive-In Jam   

This show was webcast via LivePhish, was the second show of the Magnaball festival, and marked the first Mind Left Body Jam since November 13, 1998 (473 shows) Caspian included a Tweezer tease.The Fourth Set Drive-In Jam started with the band playing behind the "Drive In Movie" screen that had been created for the festival. Slowly, their silhouettes became visible and the ambient jam veered towards a full on band jam while the screen simultaneously showed fractal like images of close-ups of the band. Eventually, the band was visible.The Drive-In Jam included a Fireworks tease from Mike and a Little Drummer Boy tease from Page.


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