Saturday, June 30, 2018


 Berkeley, CA   

Soundcheck: Burn That Bridge

SET 1: Possum, Wolfman's Brother, Divided Sky, Funky Bitch, Kill Devil Falls, Halley's Comet > Sample in a Jar, NICU, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like an Antelope   

SET 2: Down with Disease[1] -> Free, Alaska > Back on the Train, Maze, Joy, Tweezer -> Fluffhead   

ENCORE: Loving Cup, Tweezer Reprise   

[1] Unfinished.

Prior to Down With Disease, Trey and Mike both teased Call to the Post and the Leave It To Beaver theme. Disease was subsequently unfinished. Before the encore, but after acknowledging a sign reading "Stage Banter," Trey talked about a new guitar that Paul Languedoc had made for him, explaining that Paul had "put aside this magic piece of wood to build me one last really special guitar," adding that he had been freaking out all night about how good the guitar was and pointing out that there was an ocelot on it. Trey told the crowd he wanted them to do a big cheer for Paul; Trey and Fish subsequently led the audience in a "Languedoc" chant.

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