Saturday, September 22, 2018


Nashville, TN

Soundcheck: Nellie Kane

SET 1: AC/DC Bag > Ya Mar, Reba, If I Could > It's Ice > Theme From the Bottom, Acoustic Army, Fee[1] > Split Open and Melt

SET 2: Timber (Jerry The Mule) > Sparkle > Simple > Possum[2], You Enjoy Myself, Taste That Surrounds > Heart and Soul[3] > Poor Heart, I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome, My Long Journey Home, Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCORE: A Day in the Life

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone and flubbed the third verse.
[2] Simpsons and All Fall Down signals.
[3] Phish debut.

Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone and flubbed the third verse, prompting lots of stage banter. Possum contained Simpsons and All Fall Down signals. Taste That Surrounds through Slave featured Béla Fleck on banjo. I'm Blue I'm Lonesome and My Long Journey Home were performed acoustic. Heart and Soul made its Phish debut at this show.


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