Friday, September 28, 2018

12/3/1994 - EVENT CENTER

San Jose, CA

Soundcheck: Frankenstein

SET 1: Wilson > Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, Scent of a Mule, Run Like an Antelope, Guyute, Sample in a Jar

SET 2: Frankenstein[1], Suzy Greenberg[1] > Buried Alive[1], Gumbo[1], Slave to the Traffic Light[1], The Landlady[1], Hold Your Head Up[1] > Touch Me[1] > Hold Your Head Up[1], Alumni Blues Jam[1] > Julius[1], Cavern[1]

ENCORE: Golgi Apparatus

[1] Cosmic Country Horns.

Suzy contained a Hey Bulldog tease from Page. The entire second set featured the Cosmic Country Horns. The horns included Dave Grippo on alto sax and percussion, Carl Gerhard on trumpet, Michael Ray on trumpet, James Harvey on trombone, and Peter Apfelbaum on baritone, tenor sax and flute. The Alumni jam included an introduction of the horn section. The appearance of the horns led to the first Touch Me since July 27, 1991 (397 shows). The soundcheck's Frankenstein also included the Cosmic Country Horns. The opening act was Dave Matthews Band.