Friday, October 5, 2018

10/11/1991 - BACKSTAGE

Seattle, WA

SET 1: The Landlady, My Sweet One, Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, Chalk Dust Torture[1], You Enjoy Myself[2], The Lizards, Llama, Bouncing Around the Room > Runaway Jim

SET 2: The Curtain > Cavern, Foam, David Bowie[3], The Mango Song, The Sloth, Poor Heart, Magilla, Possum

ENCORE: Sweet Adeline[4], Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

[1] Charlie Chan and Simpsons signals.
[2] Vocal jam based on "pubic hair in your Coke."
[3] Two Charlie Chan signals and Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals in intro.
[4] Without microphones.

Chalk Dust contained Charlie Chan and Simpsons signals and the David Bowie intro contained two Charlie Chan signals as well as Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. There was also a quick Dave's Energy Guide tease by Trey near the end of the song. The YEM vocal jam was based on "pubic hair in your coke," a reference to the day's earlier testimony by Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Adeline was performed without microphones.