Thursday, January 2, 2020


New York, NY
SET 1: Martian Monster, Buried Alive, AC/DC Bag, Halley's Comet > Prince Caspian > Sparkle > Axilla, Maze, Fluffhead > Rise/Come Together

SET 2: Punch You in the Eye, Wolfman's Brother > Light > Twist > Soul Planet > Mercury > Possum

SET 3: Send in the Clowns[1], First Tube, Auld Lang Syne, Sand, Drift While You're Sleeping, What's the Use?, You Enjoy Myself

ENCORE: Tweezer Reprise, Rescue Squad[2]

[1] Phish debut; with lyrics changed to "Send in the clones" and performed a cappella.
[2] Debut; only Trey.

Axilla featured the Axilla II ending and was followed by banter from all four band members continuing the pan story from the previous night’s show and ending with a mention of pan flute extraordinaire Zamfir. Richard Glasgow (a.k.a. Dickie Scotland) then came onstage appearing as Zamfir, holding both a pan flute and a pan. The third set opened with the Phish debut of Send in the Clowns, sung a cappella and with lyrics changed to Send in the Clones. For First Tube through Tweezer Reprise, each band member performed on separate moving platforms hoisted above the stage as dancers dressed as their clones performed onstage. The dancers provided additional vocals for First Tube through Drift While You’re Sleeping and You Enjoy Myself through Tweezer Reprise. Trey's platform became stuck for the majority of the set and he had to be rescued after Tweezer Reprise. Rescue Squad was performed Trey solo (singing and playing Fish's drum set) while he was waiting to return to the stage.