Sunday, July 22, 2018


Prague, Czech Republic

SET 1: Buried Alive > AC/DC Bag -> Ghost -> Cities, Limb By Limb, Train Song, Roggae, Maze[1], Golgi Apparatus

SET 2: Julius > Meat > Piper -> Makisupa Policeman[2], David Bowie, Loving Cup

ENCORE: Possum

[1] Jam halted while Trey thanked the crowd.
[2] Lyric changed to "Came to Vermont."

The Maze jam was halted while Trey humorously thanked the crowd. Golgi ended with Hip Hop Hooray quotes by Trey. The last line in Makisupa changed to "came to Vermont." Trey called Page "Petroff" before he took a piano solo. Trey let Fish take a drum solo, but told the crowd to whistle if he (Fish) went on too long.  Trey added that they had a "band rule" that they all begin whistling if Fish, who likes to ramble when he talks, ever talks for longer than two minutes. Fish took a boring "drum solo," which drew whistles from the crowd. Piper contained a Lady (Little River Band) tease from Page and Trey and Possum contained a Stash tease from Trey. This show is available as an archival release on