Thursday, September 20, 2018

11/3/1988 - MOLLY'S CAFE

Boston, MA

Soundcheck: Shaggy Dog, Foam

SET 1: Fire, Golgi Apparatus, Fluffhead > Possum, Fee, Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Good Times Bad Times

SET 2: Time Loves a Hero, Walk Away, The Lizards, Shaggy Dog, Whipping Post, Contact, Bold As Love, Take the 'A' Train, Run Like an Antelope

SET 3: Suzy Greenberg, Foam, I Didn't Know[1], Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Harpua, David Bowie

[1] Fish on trombone.

Lizards was dedicated to Cilla for cooking the band spaghetti before the show. Whipping Post included DEG teases and BBFCFM featured a Sailor's Hornpipe tease. I Didn't Know featured Fish on trombone.