Friday, September 14, 2018


Canton, NY

Soundcheck: Golgi Apparatus

SET 1: Funky Bitch, Golgi Apparatus, Peaches en Regalia, Take the 'A' Train > Possum, Phase Dance, Good Times Bad Times, Skin It Back, David Bowie

SET 2: Wilson, I Didn't Know, Fluffhead, Fire, Fee, You Enjoy Myself > Divided Sky, AC/DC Bag > Whipping Post, Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCORE: Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

This show was an ATO Pledge Party and previously circulated as September 27, 1987. Trey teased Who Knows in Fire and DEG in Whipping Post. There was a third set to this show but copies do not circulate and no list is known. Some copies of this show in circulation are incomplete and out of order. These copies are usually mislabeled as “Pledge Party, Burlington, VT.” Other copies circulate with the complete recording (except for BBFCFM) but have Slave before Bowie; this order is incorrect. Good Times Bad Times, Slave to the Traffic Light, and Big Black Furry Creature From Mars were shot from a video by (or for) Mike. It is unclear whether BBFCFM closed the set or was the encore because a recording of it does not circulate.