Saturday, September 22, 2018

2/26/1997 - LONGHORN

Stuttgart, Germany

SET 1: Camel Walk, Llama, My Friend, My Friend, Harry Hood > My Soul > Tube > Carini, Rock A William, Dog Log, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

SET 2: Buried Alive > Poor Heart > Ha Ha Ha[1] > You Enjoy Myself -> Kung -> Theme From the Bottom > Scent of a Mule > Jam -> Magilla > Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCORE: Highway to Hell

[1] Heavy metal outro.

This show featured the first Camel Walk since July 2, 1995 (140 shows) and first Magilla since May 4, 1994 (260 shows). Ha Ha Ha was notable for the heavy metal jam outro. YEM included Super Bad teases. The jazz jam in the Mule Duel included an ‘A’ Train tease from Mike.