Saturday, September 22, 2018

4/29/1993 -LE SPECTRUM

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Soundcheck: Reggae Jam

SET 1: Split Open and Melt, Uncle Pen, The Sloth, Runaway Jim, Horn > Llama, Glide, Rift, Fee[1], Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: Chalk Dust Torture, It's Ice > Ya Mar[2], Mound, Big Ball Jam > Reba, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove -> Makisupa Policeman -> Weekapaug Groove, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, The Squirming Coil

ENCORE: My Friend, My Friend[3], Sweet Adeline

[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Funny stage banter as Trey tried to bring "Leo" in too early.
[3] Beginning featured Trey on acoustic guitar.

Some of the fans cheered the mention of Québec during Fee, which featured Trey singing the verses through a megaphone. Antelope included a brief jam on Pink Floyd’s Money and a tease of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Page. Chalk Dust contained Money and Lazy (Deep Purple) teases from Trey. Ya Mar contained a Can’t Turn You Loose tease from Page and funny stage banter as Trey tried to bring “Leo” in too early. Sanity was teased in Reba. Hydrogen included a tease of Jingle Jangle Jingle, with a bassline somewhat akin to Happy Trails. Weekapaug included the theme from Bonanza and Can’t You Hear Me Knocking teases from Page. Fish dedicated Terrapin to his friends from Burlington who made the trip to see the band. Makisupa was played for the first time since November 26, 1990 (322 shows). The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar.