Friday, September 28, 2018

4/5/1993 - HUB BALLROOM

Seattle, WA

SET 1: Llama, It's Ice, Fee, Maze, Fluffhead, Paul and Silas, Stash, Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, David Bowie[1]

SET 2: Axilla, Poor Heart, Caravan, Punch You in the Eye, Tweezer, Glide, You Enjoy Myself, Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin' Rosie > Hold Your Head Up, Tweezer Reprise

ENCORE: Carolina, Fire

[1] Simpsons, All Fall Down, and Oom Pa Pa signals in intro.

Stash contained DEG teases from Trey. The Mockingbird narration contained a tease of Those Were the Days (aka the theme from All in the Family) by Page. The Bowie intro contained a Mockingbird tease and Simpsons, All Fall Down, and Oom Pa Pa signals. Caravan was played for the first time since July 23, 1991 (224 shows). Llama contained a Caravan tease from Trey and Tweezer included multiple Caravan teases. Caravan contained a Manteca tease and YEM contained several Owner of a Lonely Heart teases. Fire was dedicated to Dudley, the other guitarist in Trey’s high school band, Space Antelope (Dudley was in attendance).