Thursday, September 20, 2018


Richmond, VA

Soundcheck: Dog Log -> Jam

SET 1: Down with Disease > Gumbo > Rift, Guelah Papyrus, Split Open and Melt[1], Glide > Scent of a Mule, Bouncing Around the Room, Frankenstein

SET 2: Wilson -> Maze, You Enjoy Myself -> Yerushalayim Shel Zahav -> You Enjoy Myself[2], Sparkle[3] > Axilla (Part II), Harpua -> Kung -> Harpua > Honky Tonk Women[4] > Harpua, Run Like an Antelope, Hold Your Head Up > Love You[5] > Hold Your Head Up, Chalk Dust Torture

ENCORE: Sleeping Monkey > Poor Heart

[1] Vocal jam.
[2] Redrum screeches from Trey in vocal jam, and Trey on megaphone.
[3] Redrum screeches from Trey.
[4] Sean Hoppe on vocals.
[5] Band intros.

Sean Hoppe, an audience member, was invited on stage during Harpua to sing Honky Tonk Women as Jimmy. The Antelope intro and HYHU subsequently included Harpua teases. Antelope also contained a Rhapsody in Blue tease from Page. Split Open and Melt included a vocal jam. Love You contained band intros and an unusually long vacuum solo. Both the YEM vocal jam and Sparkle had “Redrum” screeches from Trey, referencing the movie The Shining. Trey also used his megaphone during YEM.