Friday, September 28, 2018


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Soundcheck: Cities, Manteca, Cities > Manteca

SET 1: Rift, Sample in a Jar, The Curtain > Letter to Jimmy Page > If I Could, Uncle Pen, Stash, Esther > Down with Disease, Sweet Adeline[1]

SET 2: Punch You in the Eye > Sparkle > Bathtub Gin > Lifeboy, Cities > You Enjoy Myself, The Great Gig in the Sky > Hold Your Head Up, Ginseng Sullivan[2], My Sweet One[3], Amazing Grace[1], Golgi Apparatus

ENCORE: Good Times Bad Times

[1] Without microphones.
[2] Acoustic; without microphones.
[3] Acoustic; without microphones. Sing-along with audience during second verse.

This show included the first Letter to Jimmy Page since July 18, 1991 (357 shows) and the first version played separate from Alumni Blues since May 11, 1987 (811 shows). Esther and YEM contained Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy teases from Trey. Trey quoted the theme from Shaft at the start of the second set. Cities was played for the first time since March 1, 1989 (675 shows). Sweet Adeline and Ginseng Sullivan through Amazing Grace were performed without microphones. Ginseng Sullivan and My Sweet One were performed acoustic. The latter evolved into a sing-along with the audience during the second verse.