Friday, October 5, 2018

2/24/1990 - THE BAYOU

Washington, DC

SET 1: Carolina, You Enjoy Myself, Golgi Apparatus, Divided Sky, Esther > Possum, I Didn't Know, Run Like an Antelope, Take the 'A' Train

SET 2: The Sloth, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > AC/DC Bag, Fee, The Squirming Coil > La Grange, Bathtub Gin, Lawn Boy, Contact, The Lizards, Caravan

After YEM, Fish noted apologetically that they didn't have a chance to do a soundcheck, but once they got it together, "we promise to kill ya." During I Didn't Know, Trey introduced Fish as "Phil Collins." 'A' Train contained teases of the Flintstones theme, Sailor's Hornpipe, and the Brady Bunch theme. Trey introduced Tom Marshall before Lawn Boy, encouraging the audience to "think of him as the fifth member." Contact featured Fish crying in the background during the "I woke up one morning..." section. Exit Only was the opening act.